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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 23, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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i'm richelle carey here is the latest from al jazeera. as world powers debate what to do in syria, the un says a million children are now refugees because of the conflict. the jury is deliberating the fate of nidal hasan. more evacuations near california's yosemite national park and continues to grow. and the new housing numbers are out. sales fall sharply as mortgage rates rise. ♪ three years into the war in
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syria, diplomatic efforts to stop the conflict have gone nowhere. russia has joined the u.s. and other countries in calling for an independent un probe into this week's aledged chemical weapons attack near damascus. we begin with a look at the refugee crisis in syria. >> reporter: normally being described as one in a million is a compliment. here it is anything but. for a million syrian children, this is now their life. abraham is ten years old. he likes to tease his sister. he arrived a few days ago, and so far it is one big adventure, but says he has seen a lot. >> translator: we fled shellings and bombings.
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we were being bombed and they just destroyed us. and now i'm here. i just want to go back to school, go back to my friends. >> reporter: according to one estimate 10,000 children have arrived since thursday. >> and now they are identifying all of the children of their schoolage and also the children with the special needs. so this information will be relayed -- will be relayed to unicef, and unicef then after will work on them regularly. >> reporter: this camp has a long way to go before it is ready to deal with the needs of children. so for now the children help out the best they can. it is a very grim picture here, and so is this un report. the big problem will be the psychological effects on the children. what unicef has said is they are seeing the kinds of effects they
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are seeing across the children not just here. children clinging to their mothers, being unable to speak. others lying in their tents, just frightened and scared and unable to move. i have seen those effects, dealing with that long term is going to be the key. they have to set up schools, rehabilitation centers, and bring in child psychologists. all of that will take time and money. the border crossing is shut on friday, but it is likely to open again. now they have been [ technical difficulties ] about 192,000 refugees living within the area. about 25% of those are children. the numbers are just huge. president obama has expressed grave concern over the aledged gassing, but remains no
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washington. mike let's talk about this million stone of a million children as refugees. anyone can relate to a child. is there anything knows a volatile situation there. in kurdistan as we have just heard where the kurds control the area there is a danger of cross-border violence, so not a great situation -- a horrible situation, obviously.
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the united states so far has donated $1 billion. the state department will be quick to tell you that is more than any other nation, but donating $1 billion towards the refugees, richelle. >> let'sinternational
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cooperation to address what is happening. i'm going to read you a brief quote. mccain. >> so the debate will continue. mike viqueira thank you so much. at least 29 people are dead and 350 injured after two bombs
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exploded outside of two mosques. al jazeera is on the ground in the section of tripoli where the second blast occurred. >> reporter: two mosques were targeted in the northern city of tripoli. behind me you can see the destruction and carnage. there is a lot of chaos here. people are angry and upset. we believe they were car bombs and they went off almost simultaneo simultaneously, and according to people here, the people were still inside the mosque when the explosion went off. they say these attacks targeted the sunni people. this is is predominantly a sunni city. and many people here will tell you these attacks are related to the crisis, to the war in
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neighboring syria. and what is dangerous, is they see a sunni community under attack, and it just comes just over a week after civils were targeted in beirut. you can always get the latest developments on our website, in new jersey low levels of leak targeted a nuclear plant shut down. officials with the nuclear regulatory commission say, this is a quote, this is not a threat to the public, and the spill is confined. jurors have resumed deliberations in the sentencing
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of nidal hand -- hasan. heidi security has been into the courtroom to be an observer, only 12 members of the media are selected daily. the rest of us have to watch this from a video feed. we have someone
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i'm sure you will let us know just as soon as we have a verdict. change you so much. closing argument expected today in the case of sergeant bales. wednesday he took the stand and apologized for the attack. now a jury must decide whether his life sentence should also include the chance of parole. allen he apologized.
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any -- any sense of whether or not that willd bales
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a cold blooded killer. he said in a few hours he wiped out generations. he said there is only one appropriate sentence for something like that, and that's the sentence reserved for the worst crimes and worst criminals. he also said that robert bales's two kids are still alive, and in doing what he did in afghanistan he directly impacted the lives of 48 children, so he drew that distinction. the defense was just beginning their presentation when we walked out of the media listening room. their argument is that there is a very slim difference between life in prison, and life in prison with a chance of parole. that in fact they want the pan r 20 years in federal prison.
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>> allen there has been an apology, but has he attempted to explain what he did? take any>> such a truly sad cas.
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allen keep us posted. thank you. sales of new homes fell sharply last month. sales dropped 13%, to the lowest level in nine months. mortgage rates have risen since may on bets that the federal reserve will wind down his program to keep mortgage rates low. coming up next we'll have the latest on the turmoil in egypt.
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family will go from living in a hotel to living in their car. >> connected, inspired, bold. welcome back. let's recap our top stories. the united nations says one million syrian children are refugees. the un also says thousands of children have also been separated from their families. a jury has resumed deliberations in the court-martial of nidal hasan, the admitted fort hood shoot ever passed on his final chance to address the jury on thursday. he faces multiple charges for shooting 13 solders in 2009. one person has died in
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fighting north of cairo, the demonstrations take place more than a week after hundreds of people died in a bloody crackdown on anti-coup protesters. david jackson joins us live from cairo. how large have these protests actually been? >> reporter: well, not quite as much, richelle. it was set to be the friday of martyrs as you said. they thought they would have 28 separate demonstrations across the country. most of them did come off, all of them smaller than expected. there is a report that one person was killed. but all in all the demonstrations were considerably smaller than they were thought to have been, or might have been. so the muslim brotherhood didn't get the turnout that they thought they might get, but they claim there will be further days of demonstration coming up. >> is that fatigue or fear, any
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way to know why there wasn't such a turnout? >> i think that's an interesting question. yeah, i think it's fatigue. most people say that that is a factor in all of this. that day on the 14th was just such a traumatic day, there is fatigue. the other thing is the army has clamped down further on the muslim brotherhood. they would not allow anybody anywhere near those mosques that had the killings take place on the 14th of august. so that helped i guess reduce the tension over all. i think fatigue on the whole is probably the operative word. >> and do we expect any more protests? any way to know? >> no, we don't know. we have those trials that begin on sunday, the mubarak, and
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we'll be following that as these developments continue, but we seem to think it will be relatively quiet between now and then. >> david jackson live from cairo. david, thank you very much. coming up on al jazeera, thousands are headed to our national capitol to commemorate the i have a dream speech. and i'll have an update with the national forecast. ♪ ç]
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♪ celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the march on
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washington kick off tomorrow in the nation's capitol. on wednesday president obama will speak on the steps of the lincoln memorial. >> i have a dream. [ applause ] >> that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but the content of their character. i have a dream -- [ cheers and applause ] >> thousands are headed to the capitol to attend the rally. robert ray is joining some of those travelers on the road. okay, you are on the bus now, robert you are making progress. >> reporter: we are making progress. we are with an excited crew of about 60 people that spent the entire night driving from a louisiana to florida. you also have community
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activists on board, just a real fun crew. and we talked to this guy earlier today. raymond, you are pretty excited, but you are with a bus of all african-americans, and you were saying to me earlier -- >> i would love to have more diversity. that would be a major change between now and 50 years ago. let's show the change. instead of just sitting and waiting on it. >> we rolled martin luther kings words on the mall leading into this story, and it was about all colors and races joining together. what is your goal for this weekend? >> well, i don't think i'm looking for any particular thing. i'm going down there specifically to be in the mix of my people, and everybody doing something positive. you know? because we got a lot of negativity going on in the world, enough of it, don't you
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think? >> i think so. and there's not necessarily a divide of race in america at this point, but perhaps a disconnect. we were saying that earlier. what do you think? >> as of right now, yes, there is a disconnect. any time you have a paula dean making the statements she made, or the government making it so hard to back up and defend the president of the united states, regardless of his skin color, respect the office, you know? simple things like that. if we can get that stuff squared away america might be all right in the future. >> reporter: strong words today. also the post office unveiling a commemorative stamp. pretty good stuff there. derrick you are on your way to washington as well. >> yeah. >> reporter: what do you expect to see in the next couple of days? >> basically a renewed sense of
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pride. you know, to remember the pest, the present, and the future of the struggles. people died, you know, to make this happen, you know? and so we're coming to fellowship, you know? and to take away with pride, you know? when we go back to new orleans and baton rouge, and shreveport we'll have a renewed sense of pride and if we stand together we won't be divided, you know. >> great words derrick. that's really what this weekend is about. and that's what the message is about from this bus full of 60 people on their way to washington. richelle. great stuff robert. well done. thank you. and i'm dave warren, we are
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starting out west again. it's dry so it is nice to see this rain on the radar, but it's actually leading to more fire weather watches and red flag warnings. it could actually start more fires than it could help with the rain coming down. rains fairly light areas that need it. certainly nothing here in california where the rim fire has really grown. and only about 1% containment there. too much rain in the southeast. these individual dots are flood warnings, and we're looking at a lot of rain over this area that has seen too much. so flood warnings continue to be issued and will still be effect throughout the weekend. now there's cooler air coming in from canada. temperatures developed to 69 in
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minneapolis, 73 in chicago. that is working its way east, so they will see a drop in temperatures in the northeast, but before that happens, we'll see these numbers climb into the 80s day today. and we have this area of showers of tomorrow storms that we'll continue to track east. so look for a rainy start to your weekend in washington, d.c., but that will be followed by cooler air. look at the temperatures in new york. 80 on saturday, 81 on sunday, monday and tuesday, the warm air comes back into the mid-80s. dry for all five days. but that is nice and comfortable this weekend. cooler and drier air. richelle. >> dave thank you so much. i am richelle carey, stay tuned for more news. thank you so much for your time. have a great day, and do keep it
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here. ♪


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